Custom Painted Furniture *Local Only*

Custom Painted Furniture *Local Only*

****Please Read 1st!!!!!*****

This link is for Locals only for people in the Spokane, Washington & Surrounding Areas!! 

If you have old, outdated Furniture you'd like me to custom paint for you, please message me for a Free Quote!! 
****A minimum down payment of $100 is required if hired to do your custom (non refundable) & then can pay the rest once finished. 
(Dont worry, if it turns out being less, refund for the difference will be issued, or used as credit for next purchase). 

We will arrange time and place for pick up or drop off and time frame of when your piece will be completed.

My Charges are pretty Basic.. 
You are paying me $20/hr plus cost of paint (possibly supplies if major repairs are needed) to custom paint and design your outdated piece. 

***A Quote is just that... a Quote!!! Price is subject to change and could be less or more depending on the piece itself** not all pieces are the same, so keep that in mind!** 

I also encourage you to search pinterest,  look at my Furniture I've done previously,  get ideas as to what you may want, color schemes,  textures or vintage molds added for decor, IOD transfers added ect... I am always here to help with ideas! I am here to walk you through your creative thinking to help you get what lokk your wanting!